Wheels in Motion

Today was a big day in my great, big, goal-setting world.  I had my first meeting and appointment with my Air Force Reserve recruiter.  I didn’t know what to expect when I went in.  I figured we’d sit down, she’d try to sell me on enlisting, and we’d talk about MOS/job opportunities.  It didn’t turn out that way.

DH and I walked up to the building.  On the way from the parking lot, we saw a red fox cross our path, and then we heard a weird chirping noise.  Up on the roof was a huge brown squirrel the size of a cat!  It looked like it was about to jump off the roof and land on us.

When we got in, we had to wait a bit, which I wasn’t expecting since I had an appointment.  Not a big deal, DH and I just thumbed through a copy of Airman magazine and pocketed a USAFR pencil (or two).  When it was my turn, we had a nice sit-down with my recruiter.  She took all of my identifying documents and we started into our paperwork.  It wasn’t long before I started signing off on authorizations for background checks, marking “NOs” for medical issues and concerns, and talking about MEPS.  Yes, MEPS.  I am already scheduled to take my ASVAB on Thursday, and I have a tentative day for my physical up at MEPS, given that I pass my ASVAB.

Speaking of the ASVAB, the questions on Military.com are harder than the other test preps I’ve done!  Lord help me if the vocab section is really that difficult!  It makes me wonder how some of these younger kids do!  I know my weakest links are the mechanical/engineering/physics sections.  We’ll see.  I’m slated to take the pencil and paper test on post, rather than take off work and drive up to Denver to take a computerized version.  No thanks, I’d rather work out my problems on paper anyway, not to mention the fact that I don’t want to waste a day off on that.

The MEPS physical, now that’s definitely going to be worthy of its own blog post.  I have explicit instructions, maps, and tips.  I’ll get to stay at a nice hotel downtown, report bright and early at 0430, and experience the fun of a “partial pap” [I hear it’s when they just check to make sure you have lady parts].  I’m sure that sounds like good times to you too.  Did I mention no thongs for the physical?  Yeah, I’m going to probably have to purchase some underwear that completely covers my ass…  My recruiter also told me that the people up at MEPS are just salivating for a reason to disqualify you.  If your skin looks dry, they’ll denote “psoriasis.”  Just ridiculous, especially given the dry winter we’ve had and the fact that my skin is still adjusting to this climate.  I can imagine myself now, all lubed up and ready for my physical.  🙂

The most daunting task I’m walking away with is the completion of the security clearance packet.  I’ll bet this is a hell of a lot easier to complete when you’re 18 and have little to no financial or history of moving.  I have to go back seven to ten years, detailing in depth my jobs, living arrangement, and other goodies.  I wish I could magically complete this sucker.  I had to put it down for the night, as it was getting to be overwhelming.

As for my potential MOS and incentives, we won’t be discussing those until after I’m done with my ASVAB and she can see my results.  Until then, I have a lot of legwork to do!  I’ll update after my ASVAB on Thursday, for sure!  Oh yeah, and my recruiter gave me a whole bag of USAFR pencils for my kids at school.  Pencils are like gold to this teacher, since my students are constantly losing/lending theirs and they only ever seem to bring one for the day.


  • Noellesaid

    Wooo Hooo! Now we're getting somewhere! Awesome girl! (Small side note) BTW, Hans' brother wore the wrong pair of underoo's to his physical (no one gave him warning of what he was going to have to do). I recommend wearing a sports bra as well, as I imagine they'll have you jumping up and down and doing all sorts of random crap … You go, girl!

  • Erinsaid

    @Sarah – O slots are hard to come by around here because of the huge military community. The fact that I'm not prior service doesn't help. So yes, big E!@Steph – Thanks!@Noelle – Good point, thanks! I'll update tomorrow about my ASVAB!