What’s YOUR song? Thursday #38

First off, Happy 236th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!  For all of my Marine milspouses out there, thank you for your service as a support system for some of The Few and The Brave!  I am proud to be the wife of a [prior service] Marine.  Special shout-out to John, a good friend, awesome blogger, and exceptional Marine. 

In honor of Veteran’s Day tomorrow, I thought I’d do my favorite patriotic songs for this week’s meme.  Do yourself a favor and don’t listen to these songs while you’re putting on your makeup – they always make me teary-eyed, and that’s not a good combination with eyeshadow.  😉

This last one is a Christian song, so expect heavy religious undertones. If you know me, I’m not super religious, but it’s one they used to play at church during BMT, so you couldn’t help but sing along. I’m always up for a 40’s/WWII theme anyway.