What’s YOUR song? Link-Up Week 46

I’ve been plotting my weekly song for a few days now.  I’d stumbled onto one song, became convinced that it was the one for the week, then promptly changed my mind this morning.

I remembered this gem from my school days, and it’s been fitting with the anniversary of my mom’s death coming up this Sunday.  It’s been 11 years since she’s been gone.  Last year I came to the realization that she’d be gone for a third of my life.  Expect a letter to my mom this weekend.

You know when a song resonates so well with you that you’re convinced it’s been around forever, when it’s actually a new hit?  Yeah, this Jake Owen song felt like that when I saw him back in concert in the fall.  It’s starting to hit the radio more often, which makes me a happy camper because I love to belt it out.

Happy Thursday, everyone! The weekend is almost here and I’m beyond excited to get some downtime in!