What’s YOUR song? #45

I debated what I wanted to put as my song for this week of Goodnight Moon’s link-up.  I really haven’t been listening to a lot of music this week, other than the background noise on my iPod during runs, which I don’t really concentrate on.  I figured I may as well send this one out to my students and highlight a funny classroom story while I’m at it.  🙂
I have two students who love getting a rise out of me by coming into my classroom and singing the most inappropriate songs they know.  Normally these songs are 80’s and 90’s R&B numbers with sex as the theme – think Keith Sweat and later artists like Color Me Badd or Ginuwine.  Granted, I love these songs, and most of them I not only know but rock out to on my iPod.  These two students get a kick out of learning which songs I’m familiar with, and will therefore tell them to stop singing because they’re inappropriate for the classroom.

One of these students has been singing “Rock Steady” nonstop for the last two days.  It’s fairly appropriate, unlike the rest of his repertoire, and he has such a serious look on his face when he starts singing it.  Too funny!  Enjoy this classic!