What I’ll be thinking, come Tuesday…


Yes, it was a short summer, Mrs. C.  I have two days “off” before I leave for BMT (Sunday and Monday), and even then, I know I’ll be finalizing things around the house.

DH’s daughter is graduating high school soon, and if everything goes in our favor (and her desire), she’ll be coming to live with us.  She already has a furnished room at our place, so I’ve been working on making it “move-in ready” this week.  We’ve cleaned her room, cleared out the closet (and managed to put all of that junk in the guest bedroom closet), and I cleaned out her bathroom last night (in 25 minutes!).  Kind of crazy to think that I’m going to come home from BMT and have a daughter living under my roof, but I’m excited about having her.

I still need to finalize all of the financial issues and pack my three days of clothes.  Oh, and memorize the AF song and the Airman’s Creed.  Nope, haven’t been doing any of that!

I am an American Airman.
I am a Warrior.
I have answered my nation’s call.

I am an American Airman.
My mission is to fly, fight, and win.
I am faithful to a proud heritage,
a tradition of honor,
and a legacy of valor.

I am an American Airman,
Guardian of freedom and justice,
My nation’s sword and shield,
Its sentry and avenger.
I defend my country with my life.

I am an American Airman:
Wingman, Leader, Warrior.
I will never leave an Airman behind.
I will never falter,

and I will not fail.