Welcome to Aim High Erin!

Whew, what a day!  When I woke up this morning, I had not planned on making such major changes to the blog, but with everything that’s been happening lately, it seemed appropriate.  Two days away from my 1st anniversary as an American Airman, and I’m feeling even more committed to sharing my experience with others.

“Aim High Erin” serves as a better descriptor of me as a person and what this blog is all about.  “Aim High” is part of the Air Force battle cry, linking me with my branch of service.  “Aim High Erin” speaks to the pursuit of my goals and the Air Force Core Value of Excellence in All We Do.

The most noticeable change (if you’re looking at the website directly) is the new banner, reflecting the new name and url.  The button has been updated as well, but if you’ve copied and pasted the code you won’t need to update anything.  The image of your button will update automatically.  I’ve also added a new button that promotes my page specifically for those heading to BMT or readers of that series.

New social networking buttons have been added to the side, including an email button, a button for my new FB page, and a button for the YouTube channel in the works.  Many of these social networking pages are still in the works, so give me a chance to get things up and running.  It’s my hope to begin adding vlogs when I introduce rolling and folding at BMT, and YT is the best way to do that.  If you were previously following me on Twitter under the name @USNsis, you may have noticed that I updated that name to match the blog (@AimHighErinAF). 

I don’t plan to give up doing personal, “fluffy” posts altogether, so I hope that you’ll stick around, even if the BMT series isn’t your thing.  I’m still a milspouse blogger and a proud one at that!

Thank you again for visiting – there is so much more to come!


  • Cheyla Mariesaid

    Hi! I recently came across your blog, and while reading your about me page I couldn't help but notice a few similarities! I currently live and grew up in HB , and I am now in my last semester at CSULB in Liberal Studies. Small World :)I'm clueless about this BMT stuff, but like you said, I'll stick around!