Two hours later, my fate is sealed!

It all went down today, in one whirlwind span of time.  There I was, sitting in an FFA meeting, and then next thing I know, I’m making plans to summer in San Antonio, TX and Biloxi, MS.  🙂 

My recruiter and I were texting back and forth during my meeting.  She had found a job for me in personnel, but we’re not able to do split training anymore.  If I took this position, it would require me to miss a month of school.  I would either be gone to BMT/tech school May 24th – Sept. 6th, or May 31st through Sept. 13th.  Option number one would require me to miss the last week of school and the first four weeks of school next year.  Option number two would allow me to finish out this year, but I’d miss five weeks of the start of the next school year.

I didn’t know what to do, and I know I needed to consult with my superiors at work.  The only break between those two schools would be the week I am traveling between San Antonio and Biloxi.  As a teacher, you never want to miss those first weeks of school, as that’s when you’re establishing routines, getting to know your kids, and setting expectations and standards.  To make this decision even more difficult, I had a day to decide.  My recruiter needed to lock in my position, as it is pretty competitive.  It’s an E-6 slot [3S071], so there’s room for me to grow [I’ll get out of school as an E-4].  I’ll be working personnel for a unit full of C-130 pilots, which is pretty awesome.  The C-130 is one of my favorite planes, and I love making DH sing “the song” for me.

After consulting with a recent/former supervisor, my principal, the HR guy for the district, and DH, made the phone call to lock in this opportunity.  It’s scary and exciting all at the same time, especially since it all happened so quickly.  I’m swearing in this coming Monday, after school.  You better believe DH and FIL will be there, and Haywee is going to try to come as well.  I’m planning/hoping to get pictures and video to share with everyone.