Time to face the music!

Well, this is it.  The shutdown is over and drilling for Reservists has resumed.  Our October UTA got rescheduled for later in the fiscal year, but this weekend is the November UTA and my rescheduled PT test.  At this point, most of my anxiety about the task is gone.  I just want to get it over with already.  I’ve made peace with the fact that there’s nothing I can do this week, in terms of physical fitness preparation, that will make me perform better on Saturday.  All I can do is show up, breathe, and push my body to the limit to do my very best.  I intend to do the smart thing and get a good night’s sleep on Friday, as well as hydrating all day, but that’s it.  

This is far from the “Aim High” attitude I like to shoot for, but it’s my reality right now.  I have so many outside stressors right now that I can’t let this become one of them.  It’s time to just let it go.  Thank you for all of the positive thoughts and energy you can send my way!  



  • anna-kay ellissaid

    Hi Erin,Now that you've been in the Air force for sometime now, do you in hindsight wish you had gone officer instead of enlisted? At the moment, I'm struggling with that decision. As an older recruit…28 and I'm not sure if I'm making the right decision going enlisted. There are, however, not too many readily available positions for civilians who want to come in as Officers . What are your thoughts? Have you applied to the Deserving Airman Program?Thanks for your help!!!!

  • Erinsaid

    @anna-kay ellis – Nope, not at all! I initially tried to go in as an officer and was told that the area was too saturated and it was unlikely for me as non-prior service. I'm thankful that I went enlisted, as it enabled me to build a great foundation and understanding of that side of the Air Force. It was (and is) challenging and I experienced a great amount of growth as a result. I am currently going through the Deserving Airman program right now – search "Aim High Erin Commissioning" and all of those posts will come up! 🙂