Thursday’s A’-comin’!

I’m having one of those days when only Sugarland will do.  Jennifer Nettles is a powerhouse, no doubt about it.  I’m dying to see them live again soon.  My only experience has been at the Stagecoach Festival, back before I could truly appreciate their musical genius.

This is such a wonderful, honest song about the realities of love and life.  It fits right now.  Heavy sigh, seriously folks.  When you’re down, you’re down.  I’m not out yet, but we’re definitely down.  Money is the number one fight amongst married folk for a reason, and while we’re not fighting right now, it’s a huge stressor that affects every bit of our lives and marriage.

I hate feeling like we not living right now, we’re not enjoying life because of it.  There’s so much I want to do, and so much of it requires funds we don’t have.  We’ve been living in the area I’ve always wanted to live in, but we can’t take advantage of everything that it has to offer.  It’s like being back home again, after my mom died – empty – without my Aunt Trisha around.  She’s one of those people, like my mom, that I can’t help but think things would be better if she were around.  I’m off on a tangent, I know, but the stress, the sadness, just takes me back to places of grief.  It’s not the same around here.

For once, I want to reach out a hand and have someone grab me and pull me up – in life, in love, etc.  Running away for the summer was only a temporary blessing.

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  • Erinnsaid

    🙁 I HATE money. Lately I've been feeling the same way, like I'm not living because I'm worrying about money so much. I hope you find the same happiness you found while you were away for the summer in your everyday life.