Things Students Say Thursday #9


1.  We were doing a station activity in our co-taught math class today, and afterward the students were stapling their papers together.  One of my favorite students (I’m going to be really bummed out when he PCSes) was standing a foot away from me, getting his work together, when he says,


“I’m the first mother f#&king person done!”


It completely slipped out of his mouth and he was mortified afterward, but it was too funny of an outburst to make me mad at him.

2.  Randomly, during that same class period, another student interrupted the activity to ask me,

“Mrs. C, what’s a panini?”

I informed him that it was a sandwich.  It was amusing in its randomness.

3.  Monday started off amazingly, which was quite the surprise!  I received this note from one of my favorite students, who thought of me over the weekend.  Yes, this thing is totally frame-worthy!

Hope you are all having a great week!