Things Students Say Thursday #13


Seems like I talk about my favorite student every week…and here I go again!

The students were working independently in 7th period today, preparing for their final next week.  My favorite student asks me, “What are you doing Saturday?”  “I’m running in a race.”  “You’re running in a race?”  “Yes.”  “Oh…good for you.”  He said it so matter-of-factly, you just had to be there!  It was too cute, and it was a phrase I’ve never heard him use before.

The reason for asking about my Saturday?  Well, someone has my kids going, thinking that the world is supposed to end.  Thanks, radical Christians, thanks.  My favorite student kept asking me if the world was going to end.  Um, no, I don’t think the world is going to end.  Never mind the fact that if you’re not Christian, there’s no significance to Saturday.  He asked, “What do I do if I hear the horn?”  “Um, what horn?”  [Student puts clenched hand to mouth and makes horn noise.]  I pick up on the fact that he’s referring to warning sirens and tell him, “If you hear the horns, look at your parents and ask, ‘What do we do?'”  I think he was satisfied with that answer, poor kid!  I was honestly thinking to myself, the world better not end on Saturday because I haven’t gotten to go to BMT yet! 

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  • Megan Dub-Yuhsaid

    I am so totally clueless… what is significant about Saturday and why the hell would a horn sound? Email me if I am being completely dense on this.