Test Results Tuesday!

My recruiter had previously indicated that she hoped to see my ASVAB results today.  Needless to say, I’m eagerly awaiting that phone call.  I was a little surprised after some Googling last night to find out that only four of the nine parts of my test are used to compile my score – Arithmetic Reasoning, Math Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, and Vocab Knowledge.  So much for freaking out about the science, shop, mechanical, and electrical parts, not to mention that weird visual-spatial part!  That being said, I think my score is going to be pretty high, as my former student Wesley said [“Mrs. C, you’re going to get in the 90s!].

I spent the bulk of last night working on my security clearance application, which I’m still not done with.  I’ve been dreading the “Name all of your financial obligations for the last seven years” part, which I’m assuming to mean both active and closed accounts.  Seriously, can I just staple a copy of my credit report to the back?  I’m putting off that part until the very last.  Until then, I’m digging up other obscure addresses and dates. 

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  • Sarahsaid

    Best of luck to you Erin!!! Ben had to go through all that security clearance junk too. He's a top secret 007, ya know! LOL. Let me know how well you did when you find out about you ASVAB score. I just know you did phenomenal.