• photo BMT test

    BMT: End Of Course Test

    Air Force the End of Course (EOC) test is the final written evaluation of all of your education and training at BMT, which is concentrated on War Skills and Military Studies (WSMS).  The classroom training is what you’ll be assessed…

  • photo air force ots

    OTS: Dynamic Disclaimer

    Much like BMT, OTS is an ever-changing entity.  It is a dynamic program that is constantly being reevaluated, reassessed, and reconfigured.  If you are one that prefers rigid structure and organization, you’re going to be challenged while at OTS. Semper…

  • photo Air Force BMT Graduation

    OTS: Background Info

    Photo by Paul Stocklin   Kicking off the first in a series of posts about Air Force Officer Training School (OTS), I wanted to give you some basic, background information, as well as some background information on my class.  OTS…

  • photo air force amy NORADsanta

    Dear Female Servicemember (milspouse diary)

    Dear Female Servicemember, I see you.  I see what you’re doing in OTS military.  I see you “Liking” that picture or that status on that mean-spirited Facebook page.  I see you putting military spouses down as a way to “bond”…

  • photo OTS air force what to pack

    Air Force OTS: What To Pack

    Packing for Air force OTS is even more of a crapshoot than BMT, as there’s really no list of what to bring.  The OTS website has two lists, including this one about. Unlike with BMT, you have the option to…

  • photo ots complex

    OTS: Arriving at OTS

    When I last left you, I was posting from the Houston USO.  The rest of the journey was a lengthy one, let me tell you.  I ended up having my connecting flight to Montgomery canceled.  Fortunately, they booked me on…