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    ALS? PME? Time in Service – Just Keep Swimming

    Yeah, I’m going there.  The Dora/Finding Nemo approach to this whole situation, although that wasn’t my first analogy.  I started thinking about sharks, and that thought that they can’t stop swimming, or else they’ll die.  Discovery, the lovely purveyors of…

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    OTS Packing Prep

    Packing for OTS makes me long for the carefree days of BMT preparation.  No, seriously, take me back to the days of a small backpack/duffle bag with as little as possible.  Get your pocketbook out if you’re heading to OTS…

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    OTS: Preparation Recommendations

    Has it really been five-plus months since I’ve blogged?  Yikes!  I’ve received a number of requests to keep up the OTS posts, and that is definitely my intent.  In the time that I’ve been offline, I’ve attended and graduated from…