• Air Force Seasoning Training

    BMT: Privileges

    Yes, you read that title correctly, privileges!  BMT isn’t all about punishment, pushing Texas, and being berated by intimidating individuals.  Like anything else, the sooner you adapt to the system, give them what they want to see, the sooner your…

  • Mind Tricks and Running Tips

    Source: J. Boone Pooler Photography Not everyone enlists in the military with a background in running or a passion for running.  I know I didn’t.  I couldn’t run a solid mile when I first started.  The reality is, running is…

  • photo air force basic training food

    BMT: Chow Runnin’ and Grubbin’

    Get comfy folks, this is going to be a biggie…but who doesn’t love food?! I’ve had to psych myself up for this one, knowing that there’s going to be a lot to say. Chow Runner This is a duty that…