• BMT: Awards and Honors

    There are several awards and honors that you can set your sights on when you’re at Air force BMT, and some come with immediate perks that may keep you motivated to push yourself harder during training. Ribbons and Medals The…

  • photo BMT test

    BMT: End Of Course Test

    Air Force the End of Course (EOC) test is the final written evaluation of all of your education and training at BMT, which is concentrated on War Skills and Military Studies (WSMS).  The classroom training is what you’ll be assessed…

  • photo Air Force BMT Graduation

    What do I get my Airman?!

    Garmin Forerunner 210 / USAF Wreath / Air Force 40 Challenge Coin Holder / Reebok Boots / ABU iPad Case / USAF Toiletry Kit / H-D USAF Pin-up Pilsner Set / Membership – National Museum of the United States Air…