• photo AFOQT Results

    AFOQT Results

    I shared with you earlier this month about my experience taking the AFOQT.  Since I took it on paper, I was expecting to hear about my results in a couple of weeks.  I had seen rumors online that there was…

  • Deserving Airman Commissioning Program

    Deserving Airman Commissioning Program

    Long overdue post on what I’ve been up to with my military career!  If you’ve been following along for a while now, you know I’ve kicked around the idea of commissioning and I’m finally throwing my hat into the ring.…

  • photo Air Force Commissioning Physical

    Commissioning Physical

    One of the big to-dos for me after being chosen by the Deserving Airman Commissioning Program (DACP) board was to complete my commissioning physical.  Before my package can be sent to the Numbered Air Force (NAF) and Air Force Reserve…

  • photo air force ots packing list

    OTS Packing Prep

    Packing for OTS makes me long for the carefree days of BMT preparation.  No, seriously, take me back to the days of a small backpack/duffle bag with as little as possible.  Get your pocketbook out if you’re heading to OTS…

  • photo air force ots

    OTS: Dynamic Disclaimer

    Much like BMT, OTS is an ever-changing entity.  It is a dynamic program that is constantly being reevaluated, reassessed, and reconfigured.  If you are one that prefers rigid structure and organization, you’re going to be challenged while at OTS. Semper…

  • photo AIR FORCE OTS

    OTS: Preparation Recommendations

    Has it really been five-plus months since I’ve blogged?  Yikes!  I’ve received a number of requests to keep up the OTS posts, and that is definitely my intent.  In the time that I’ve been offline, I’ve attended and graduated from…