Sunday Funday? Hardly!

Sunday Funday” – have you heard of this phenomena?  I see people posting on Facebook’s about their Sunday Fundays.  I don’t know about you, but Sundays are hardly fun around my house…

Sundays at our house consist of me finalizing laundry, making sure I’ve vacuumed the floors (and possibly Swiffered the solid floors), cleaning my makeup brushes, cutting and sorting coupons, going to the commissary, and trying to mentally prepare myself for the week ahead.  Does that sound like fun to you?  Me neither.  I try to squeeze in a nap, but it’s hit or miss, and depends on how long it took me to get out of bed and get going in the morning.

I don’t have a lot of fun on Sundays.  Lately Sunday is the day that DH leaves me for the week, which is never fun.  Thankfully he’s not leaving this weekend – just yet.  Sunday is never a lot of fun because I’m always preoccupied with everything I have to wrap my mind around for the week at school.  I never really want to do a whole lot on Sundays, because I’m always worrying about getting home and into bed at a decent hour.  I don’t ever want to start a week without enough sleep.

So, I’m renaming this “Oh Shit Sunday,” which is much more appropriate in my household.  Oh shit, I completely forgot that I have a meeting with so-and-so on Monday.  Oh shit, I have three IEPs to write this week.  Oh shit, I didn’t get half of the stuff done around the house that I had wanted to accomplish.

What about your family?  Are you part of the Sunday Funday crowd or the Oh Shit Sunday bunch?