Show and Tell: 10 Years Ago

This picture makes me smile, not because of the red and white flecked playsuit I was sporting, or my super fun American flag cake, but because it was taken in the kitchen of my childhood home.  This photo dates back to July, although I’m not sure if it was 2000, 2001, or 2002.  I was heading to a 4th of July party being held at a friend’s.

That kitchen didn’t change much over the years, aside from the time when my mom decided she wanted to put up green gingham curtains and stamp cherries on the walls.  That tile countertop, that side door we never opened, those dark wood cabinets – not much changed.  That top left cabinet had a hole that never got replaced, from when my mom hit it with a spoon out of anger one day [very out of character for mom].  The highest cabinet above the fridge held liquor that my parents were given, but never drank.  I miss that kitchen, and I miss the mom that went in it.  

How many pounds ago was this?  God only knows, I don’t weigh myself.  I didn’t have bangs for too long, and this is one of the better pictures of them.  Cowlicks kind of take the fun out of bangs, and make them too much work.  This was at the Hootenanny, which means you know I had to be about 19 or 20 in this shot.  I didn’t go too many years, as it just got overrun with people and it became unbearable.  I would gladly get back down to this size after all of my training!

I don’t have too many full-length outfit shots, but this is a good one.  This dates to Christmas of 2003 or 2004.  I miss this red velveteen dress, it was classy and oh-so-flattering.  The pretty lady to my left is Suzy, who plays/has played bass in a number of SoCal bands.  She hosts a mean Christmas party!


  • Nataliasaid

    Great photos! Love the Hootenanny outfit. I'm sure training will get you back to the shape and size you want.

  • Miss Dollie DeVillesaid

    Ah Suzy! Too cute. I love that red dress too! Yes, I went to Hootenanny around 18 or 19, but not any more. I think we had the same experience. ha ha ha

  • Erinsaid

    @Natalia – I hope I'm even better shape than I was back then! I wasn't working out then either, I don't think.@Fiona – It was a great dress, and I don't remember paying too much for it. With the buttons at the neckline, you didn't even need a necklace.@Dollie – Yeah, I think we all knew the crowd that overrun that event, not to mention heat and beer and stupid people never make for a good combination! I always remember the social clubs fighting at the Hootenanny.