She made me do it…

I’ve had an update coming for you folks all day, but understandably, I can’t really blog at work.  I actually got quite a bit done at work today with my upcoming IEPs – go me!  Today is the last Monday before my week-long Thanksgiving break.  I can’t tell you how irritable I was today, especially by the end of the day. Poor students, I’m tapping out.  I’ve been trying to teach combining like terms and simplifying variable expressions, and some of our problems include using the distributive property, which the kids are having a really difficult time with.  I was going to move on tomorrow, but I really need to do some reteaching first.  Ok, no more teacher babble…

Who made me do it?  One of my good friends and faithful readers!  She’s harassing me on FB, saying she’s waiting for my Monday post!  🙂  Gladly!  I love having people keep up with me, and I know she says reading the blog is like having a conversation with me.  She’s one of my favorite milspouse friends from Bragg, and I’ve mentioned her before on here.

Thanks to everyone who cross their fingers for DH – he passed the written portion of his commercial drivers license exam!
 It’s just like being 16 again – he can drive behind the wheel with an instructor now.  He was really proud of himself.  He said the machine broke twice before he finished his exam.  Poor guy got to number thirty-five when it crashed.  I asked if he felt like one of my students.  He said when it happened, everyone else in the room heard it go down, not surprisingly.

One of the things I haven’t mentioned yet is a not-so-fun business matter we’ve been dealing with.  We recently had to replace Bill’s daily driver with a new-to-us used truck.  Well, our dealer didn’t give us an emissions certificate and it didn’t pass due to a non-EPA approved part.  Replacement of the part is supposed to run $1000+ and the dealer has been giving us a difficult time, despite the fact that they were responsible for the vehicle to pass emissions when they sold it to us.  We’re finally making progress on this matter and it appears as though we’re going to be able to get it fixed soon.  I just want to register the truck already and be an upstanding citizen of Colorado!

I had a couple opportunities today to pick up yet another tutoring job through the district, but I had to pass.  I have minimal time at home in the afternoon/evening as it is.  I can’t imagine tutoring two students for a total of three hours every day after school.  The money’s nice, but I need some time to relax and unwind…not to mention watch my trashy TV!

Four more days, four more days…

FIL and I may not be able to take off as soon as we’d originally planned, since we’ll be dealing with the truck repair issues, but it means we’ll get to see DH again this weekend (hopefully)!