• BMT: Military Bearing

    BMT: Military Bearing

    I received a great question today from a reader who wanted me to explain military bearing.  Military bearing is a phrase I drop around here quite frequently but haven’t ever described it in detail.  Forgive me, readers, let me tell…

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    Dear Female Servicemember (milspouse diary)

    Dear Female Servicemember, I see you.  I see what you’re doing in OTS military.  I see you “Liking” that picture or that status on that mean-spirited Facebook page.  I see you putting military spouses down as a way to “bond”…

  • Finding OTS PEP

    If you’re not following [Source] He also had this message today: “Quit worrying about failing and start believing in achieving.  If you change the way you think, you increase the goals you accomplish.” Today I thought about my own five…