Sayonara, spring break!

I can’t say that this happens regularly, but this Saturday feels like a Sunday.  I’m already dreading the impending return to the grind.  Luckily, it has been a fairly productive day for me.  Sespi and I had a good talk about that earlier…

I’m one of those people who judges my days based on my productivity.  A good day for me balances down time (sleeping in, taking a nap, watching a favorite show, playing on my comp) and getting a lot done.  I was eager for spring break because it meant that I’d have time at home to get something done around the house.  After a full week at work, I don’t tend to make a lot of progress on the weekend, which has been been upsetting lately.  I had co-workers that were heading off to exotic vacations, and as much as I lust for one of those, I hate returning from a vacation and plunging headfirst into work.

So, let me do a feel-good list of all of the things that I’ve accomplished over the break!

  • Got my POAs (Power of Attorney for my non-mil folk out there) for DH and Trinnie (she’s my back-up).
  • Created a 46+ slide PowerPoint presentation for DH, with step-by-step instructions on how to pay all of our bills.  Yes, he really does need this.
  • Created a calendar for DH of all of the approximate bill due dates.
  • Revamped the blog.
  • Washed my car.
  • Vacuumed my car and threw out trash and needless items (like those electronic chargers for items I don’t own anymore).
  • Re-organized my dresser drawers and hanging clothes.  Put all folded clothes in there proper place, e.g., not on the bedroom floor around my vanity.
  • Eliminated clothing items that don’t fit, putting them in a box for my school’s clothing drive.  Took box of clothes to school for donation.
  • Cleaned the master bathroom.
  • Tidied up DH’s daughter’s future room.  I use it for the packaging of sold Etsy items.
  • Found a lesson planning calendar for next year.  Wrote down all of the calendar days, determining how many days I actually have to plan for.  Began writing down plans for first day of school.
  • Finalized packing for BMT, including my important documents folder.  Made photocopies of important documents to keep at home.
  • Picked up prescriptions for glasses and contacts, since this website told me to bring them to BMT with me.
  • Worked out consistently, alternating run days and pushup/sit-up days.  On Monday I start Week 3 of the hundred pushups and two hundred sit-ups programs.
  • Finally purchased Tricare Reserve Select insurance for DH’s daughter (actually, the family plan) and United Concordia dental plan for reservists.  [MUCH more on this later!]

Overall, it was a pretty good week for me.  I wish I had more time, as I didn’t get as much done for school as I would’ve liked.  Lesson planning for next year is a daunting task for me, since I don’t lesson plan to begin with, let alone for a long time period that’s so far out.  I also have two IEPs coming up on Wednesday, on top of CSAP testing (Colorado’s state testing) this week.  It should be hectic, to say the least.
I hope everyone’s been having a great week and an even better weekend!  Fortunately, we were blessed with great weather this week, aside from some gusty winds!