Right Now

I am…

Watching: Nothing.  Unless you count the letters zooming across my laptop screen as I type.  Wheeeee!!!

Eating: Nothing.  I’m at school.  Breakfast was a serving of vanilla Light & Fit yogurt and a bowl of Smart Start cereal with 1% milk.  That’s how I roll in the morning.

Drinking: Nothing, although I’m kind of kicking myself for leaving my bamboo water bottle in my classroom.

Wearing: An argyle print fleece pullover from Lands’ End, khaki pants, and a 3/4 length green top.  Oh, and don’t forget my chartreuse P.F. Flyer high tops!  Yeah, it’s that kind of a day.

Avoiding: Doing something more productive, like working on an answer key for the 10th graders final, or cleaning out my email inboxes.  I’m supposed to be here for tutoring, and I’m not avoiding that because no students are present.  *twiddles thumbs*

Feeling: Headachy and ready for a nap.  Two and a half more days to go until I’m on winter break!

Missing: My muffin and our warm bed.  Go ahead and add Mexico to that list too.  Did I mention that my Colorado family is heading on a cruise to Belize that leaves from New Orleans this week?  Yeah, I wish I was going on vacation.

Thankful: For opportunities coming our way.  I’m thankful for DH’s new job, which is keeping him busy.  He misses his downtime, but I’m thankful that he’s employed.  I’m thankful that I get a winter break, and that I can do with it as I please.  I’m thankful for amazing friends, whose generosity and love never ceases.

Weather: My temperature gauge said 10 degrees on the way to work.  It looked like it was going to snow again last night, but the skies are clear now.

Needing: I’m pretty content right now, but I could go for a nice, long nap.  I also need more notecards to work on my CDC flash cards.  I need to find time to wrap a few presents and make a Walmart run too.  You can imagine I’m not racing to go there anytime soon, but I need to.

Thinking: About how much I wish this week would fly by.  I’m done with all of my responsibilities for the week, so I’m really just waiting for the students to hand me their completed finals so I can input their grades and be on about my way.  I’m also thinking about how I haven’t heard from my unit as to whether or not I may have orders for a break.  I need to follow up on that.

Loving: Revlon’s Lip Butters.  If you haven’t tried these yet, you need to snag one at the local drugstore.  Doesn’t matter if you’re a high-end makeup wearer or not, these are fantastic!  I found a stocked display at the local PX and picked up Peach Parfait and Tutti Frutti and they live up to the hype!

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