#reverb10 Day 22 – Travel

How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year? – Tara Hunt

My travel goal for 2011 is ANYWHERE with my husband. It’s pretty ridiculous how we haven’t been able to follow through on a makeshift honeymoon. I really want to be able to do that. It doesn’t even have to be anywhere exotic, just somewhere that we can get away and have some couple’s time. I would love to go to DC for the MilBlogCon, which coincidentally is the same week as the CEC conference (it’s a SpEd thing) in DC, but that’s just a pipe dream. I’d also love to go to Mexico again – with DH – come next year this time. Lastly, I’m hoping to spend the summer at Lackland AFB. 😉

As for 2010:

March/April – Quantico, VA. This was supposed to be a fun, welcome home getaway for DH and I. I planned for Easter weekend to be spent visiting the Marine Corps museum, since he and I had been wanting to go. The results were less than desirable, due to DH’s PTSD. It was just too soon after deployment for him to be around crowds of that size in confined spaces.

April/May – Myrtle Beach, SC. It took a lot of begging and pleading to get DH to come on a Strong Bonds spouse retreat. DH is an atheist and typically steers clear of anything associated with the church and/or chaplains. He’d also gotten tired of them after his time in Afghanistan, because they kept asking him if he was going to hurt himself. [No, DH won’t hurt himself – he’ll hurt the unlucky one who pushes him over the edge.]. Luckily for me, the spouse retreat was the same weekend as Myrtle Beach Bike Week, so I convinced DH with the promise that we’d ride out there for the occasion. We had a great time and on the Army’s dime too!

Memorial Day Weekend, May – I had finally booked a romantic getaway for the two of us in Pigeon Forge, TN. It was supposed to be our long-lost honeymoon. Unfortunately, DH’s grandma was on her deathbed and we had to sack that trip for one to California.

June – My relocation to CO. I went through Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and into Colorado. The highlight was Nashville, as I’ve mentioned on here before. I can’t wait to take a couples trip there with Trinnie and our DHs. It was amazing!

October – Maine. Taryn got married and I checked another state off my list! I really had a great time on this trip. I had an amazing rental car (Chrysler 300), stayed in a fabulous B&B, visited L.L. Bean, and ate a lobster roll! Wait, did I mention I got to be the best woman for one of my best friends as she officially became a MilSpouse? Oh yeah, that too. 🙂

Thanksgiving, November – FIL and I went to Phoenix, AZ to be with his family for the holiday. We even got to cut down to Yuma to see my family and a long-time MilSpouse friend of mine.

Christmas, December – Mazatlan, Mexico. This is my family’s Christmas tradition – gotta love it! The only way it gets better is if DH were here with me. He hasn’t been since his first time in 2005, and he’s been trying to get back ever since.