#reverb10 Day 18 – Try

What do you want to try next year?  Is there something you wanted to try in 2010?  What happened when you did / didn’t go for it? – Kaileen Elise

I think most of the stuff I tried in 2010 had to do with taking better care of myself.  At one point, I decided to start walking/running, since it’s a fitness plan that doesn’t require a lot of money.  Second, I tried Zumba.  How did they turn out?  Well, sadly I am doing neither activity.  I did one walk/jog back when I lived in Fayetteville, and never got motivated after that.  That needs to change soon if I’m going to be PFT-ready.  I tried Zumba when I got here to Colorado and really enjoyed it!  The school district sponsored a free district wellness program that allowed me to take classes two times a week for free.  Unfortunately, the district discontinued that program.

A lot of my efforts get squashed for financial reasons.  It’s been a rough year financially and fitness isn’t a big priority for me when it comes to how I spend my money.  I do have a free three month membership for 24 Hour Fitness, due to a class action suit, but that is significantly far from my house, and I’m not sure how often I’d really go.  If we had a Wii/Wii Fitness, I think I could get into doing that, although I haven’t heard any super huge success stories about that plan working for someone.

I really want to find something that keeps me motivated that’s also low cost.  In 2011, I need to start checking out the gyms on post and the programs they offer.  I also need to start walking/running through my neighborhood, since I’ve gotta pick it up in the running department.  FIL’s doctors at the VA have been encouraging him to walk more, so it works out perfectly for us to ease back into better health together.

So, that’s my goal for 2011.  I need to be able to pass a PFT test.  Good thing for me, we live here in Colorado where the altitude kicks your ass and only improves your endurance.  Let’s do this!


  • Erinsaid

    I plan to start talking to another recruiter when I get back from vacation, since my b-day was my big day of action, but I wouldn't go to basic until summer time.