#reverb10 Day 15 – 5 Minutes

Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010. – Patti Digh

  1. DH coming home from Afghanistan.
  2. Amazing friends I met in North Carolina – Angela, Noelle, Tara, Emmy, Amanda, Anna, etc.
  3. I love volunteering with FRG!  Devon, Bonnie, Donna.
  4. Great friends and great Friday/Saturday nights dancing!  Tim, April, Shelby.
  5. CiCi’s Pizza double dates with Brandon and Shelby.
  6. Fun coworkers – TB, especially!
  7. Getting a job at my first choice school in Colorado.
  8. Moving to Colorado – driving through Tennessee, my amazing stay in Nashville and visit to the Honky Tonk District (Robert’s!), going to Memphis and stopping at Sun Records, driving through AR, Kansas, and finally, home into Colorado.
  9. Spending those last few precious days with my Aunt Trish.  Supporting and helping her and my Uncle Jim.
  10. Finally living near Trinnie!
  11. Having DH and FIL finally join me out in Colorado and moving into our big, beautiful home.
  12. Starting my new job and loving my coworkers!  I <3 ESS!
  13. PGR missions and HOG runs/meetings back in NC.  I miss that crowd, it was an amazing group.
  14. Myrtyle Beach retreat with DH for spouses – the last vacation we had.
  15. DH’s family – Phoenix and CA for Grandma’s funeral.

Ok, that was five minutes!  I think I got the majority of my big events!  I just realized I missed the Brooks and Dunn concert on here, but it kind of goes along with those country friends of mine, back in NC.  Despite the struggles, we really did have some good times in 2010!