#reverb10 Day 14 – Appreciate

What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year?  How do you express gratitude for it? – Victoria Klein

With all of the challenges this year, I have so much to be thankful for.  I’m most thankful for my friends and family who’ve supported me during this time, both financially and emotionally.  My support network is second to none, no doubt about it.  I don’t need to name names – I mention them enough on here.  🙂

I what I have come to appreciate the most this year is our (DH and I) ability to be flexible and bend with the changes in the wind.  We’ve had so much thrown at us this year.  We’ve spent the majority of the year apart, which isn’t anything new in the military world, but when we were together, times were difficult.  We’ve had our fair share of arguments during this period, and I am amazed at how much DH has grown over the five years that we’ve been together.  He’s still prone to verbal outbursts when he’s upset or frustrated, but he’s become increasingly aware of how his reactions affect others – namely, me.  He’s become so much better at apologizing and I find it endearing that he has a hard time staying mad at me.

I am so thankful and appreciative of my husband and how much he’s grown during the course of our relationship.  I hope that he understands how much I love and appreciate him, when I tell him that every chance I get.  He has a way of calming me down and centering me when I go off the deep end, which is the role that I typically take in our relationship.  As crazy as our life can get, we always make it through together.  DH reminds me of that fact, comforts me when I’m starting to feel overwhelmed, and loves me unconditionally.