Postpartum PT, Round Two!

Aiming high and making a comeback!  Was that too much of a tip-off about the subject of this post?  Oh well, if you’ve been following me on my The FAC staff won’t tell you your total score.  You sign off on your sheet, but must either calculate the score on your own or look back online later once they’ve entered it.  When I was trying to get a quick calculation on my own later, I was shocked to realize that, holy crap, I think I may have gotten a 90!  Sure enough, my final score was 91.20!  If that’s not a reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is!  Going from an unsatisfactory to an excellent after having a baby?  Game on!  Quick recap – a score below 75 is a failure (as well as if you don’t meet the minimums in each category), between 75 and 90 is satisfactory and requires a retest in six months, and a score above a 90 is an excellent and doesn’t require a retest for another year.

Needless to say, I pigged out at lunch.  What you don’t see on my DFAC tray is the ice cream sandwich behind that red sports drink and the second cookie.  😉  Yes, yes I did!  And I deserved it!

The new strategy I tried for this test?  Stopping short of the minute time limit during the pushups and sit-ups.  I had heard it from someone else, the idea that you should figure out on your charts when it’s “not worth it” is to proceed further because of the point values, for the sake of saving your energy.  After 23 pushups and 40 sit-ups for me, it required too many more repetitions to get the next point, so I just stopped and saved my energy.  Let me warn you – don’t try this strategy at BMT.  This is more for the operational AF since the MTIs will be yelling at you if you stop short versus giving it your all until the very end.

Hope you had a great weekend!  Keep positive when thinking about your PT tests – if I can do it, you can do it!  Take time to encourage each other too.  During each step of the way, I tried to keep my wingmen motivated to meet their own goals.  We all need our cheerleading sections!


  • Dina Farmersaid

    I have to admit I'm happy in my the 30-39 category this test now too. Hopefully I kick this test's butt!

  • Bikegirlsaid

    Your awesome, well done!! The more I train, the more hungry I get and I don't lose any weight! You have done so well 🙂

  • Marina mylastnameisprivatesaid

    Hey thats so cool that a woman is in the air force not that they can never be. I found your blog on a note you left on whisperingWriter's blog. I just created a blog here too under Petropower66. The entries there are not that exciting but anyways just thought to pop on by to your blog and say hello as a start. I don't how often I will be writing in my blog here on blogger knowing me I would probably end up forgetting all about it

  • AiringMyDirtyLaundrysaid

    You did great! My husband hates doing his PT test. Lately he's also gotten in the 90s. But there was a time when he JUST passed…I think he got like 78? It was just a few points above passing.