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Looking to take your military career to the next level by commissioning as an officer?  Join me as I share with you my firsthand experience in navigating the rocky waters to the shores of gold bars! 

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  • Logansaid

    Hey Erin!I've been following this blog for a couple years now, as I also joined the reserves late in life (I shipped to AFBMT when I was 30).I'm considering seeking a commission through the DACP like you did, but I had two questions:1. Were you able to freely select your OTS ship date? As in, were there several options or did you have only one or two to choose from? The next commissioning board for my unit convenes in July. I'm getting married in November and don't want to go to OTS before that happens.2. Is there a tech school that you go to after completing OTS? You mentioned not knowing in an earlier post and I didn't see you post an answer.

  • Erinsaid

    @Logan – Awesome, good for you! No, you don't get to choose your OTS date. You can rank them, if I recall correctly, but that's it. Ultimately, you'll just have to take what you can get. I highly doubt you'd get a November date if the board is in July though. The process takes MUCH longer than that. You'd have to find a job in your unit as well. I'd assume you haven't even started the commissioning physical yet? That part takes a while, as does waiting on NAF approval. This is assuming that your MPS is efficient at what they do as well. I believe one of the applications allows you to specify when you're available after as well. Yes, you'll go to tech school for your new career field. Typically, officers come back to the unit first, put in some time, and then go to tech school. Good luck at your board!

  • Dansaid

    Looking for more info on the ANG selection and training process. I appreciate all you have here but if you have any suggestions it would be great.Thank you for taking the time to create such an informative site.

  • Erinsaid

    @Dan – Aunie of is your girl! She is ANG, out of Idaho, and recently commissioned. Reach out to her via her site or on her Facebook page (same name), and she should be able to point you in the right direction.

  • ReserveWpnsTSgtsaid

    Hello Erin,I've just recently started following your blog after learning of a DACP board coming up at my base in April. My supervision and commander are all on board with putting in a package for me. There are 2 openings in our wing, 21R and 21A. I am hoping for the 21A seeing as I have 7 years of maintenance behind me. I came into the Air Force active duty with my bachelors and just recently got my CCAF. I guess my question is since this board is to specifically fill these openings does that mean whoever is selected will leave for OTS quicker? Do you think my maintenance background will help me in this board? Will being 33 hurt or help my chances of being selected? Any info you have would be much appreciated.

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