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If you’re interested in taking your Air Force Reserve research to the next level and speaking with a recruiter, let me help you out.

Previously, many of the branches used to offer monetary compensation for referrals.  The Air Force Reserve no longer does this, but instead has the Get1Now program.  If I submit referrals to USAFR recruiters, I can earn concert/event tickets, and if someone enlists, I can earn various electronics, depending on the number of accessions.
If you’re appreciative of all of the information I’ve shared and would like to express your gratitude, this is a great way to do it.  If you don’t have anyone else to credit with your quest for information, I’d love to be your person.
Referrals can be made in a couple of ways.  You can provide my information to your Air Force Reserve recruiter, or I can submit your information and a local recruiter will contact you.  Either way, get in touch with me and let’s talk!  This applies to those interested in the Air Force Reserve only, and will not connect you with an active duty recruiter or an Air National Guard recruiter.
Thanks for considering me!  Remember, it never hurts to ask!  I knew I never wanted to regret not having pursued this dream, and now I can’t envision myself not being an American Airman!



  • Spirellasaid

    Hi! Do you know if there are any reasons I can't join the air force? Some people asked me: 'what if you can't get in?'. I thought anyone could join, but now I'm not so sure anymore. I'm hoping you can help! Thanks anyway! I love your blog!

  • Erinsaid

    @Spirella – There's a variety of reasons why people can't join, but you'll never know until you talk to a recruiter. Things like asthma, excessive debt, significant legal infractions, issues with drugs, physical conditions that could be aggravated by military service, being overweight (or significantly underweight), etc. Any of those things could prevent someone from joining, as well as not scoring high enough on your ASVAB. Don't let the nay-sayers steer you away though – at least take that first step and contact a recruiter. You'll never know until you try! Thanks for the love! 😉

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