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About AHE – Air Force female blog

Originating in October of 2010, “Aim High Erin” began as “Every Branch,” described below.

Every Branch – Air Force basic training
With this blog I am branching out (no pun intended, or is it?) from Made-Up In America, my now defunct beauty blog, to focus on our lives as a military family in transition.  My husband just finished up active duty service in the Army.  I was anticipating a move to Air Force Reserve (which is what he’d been discussing), but he surprised me with a stint in the Army Reserve.

It seems that we always hear about the horror stories of transition (homeless veterans, difficulties with PTSD and TBI), but I think there’s a smaller scale of issues that contribute to the difficulties of reintegration into the civilian world.  I’m here to share our stories with you.

Every Branch speaks to both my connections with the military and my husband’s goal of serving in every branch in the Armed Forces. We’ve already got two down (Marine Corps, Army), and have our sights set on AF Reserve and Seabee Reserve.  My husband’s service aside, I myself am in the Air Force Reserve.  I am a Navy sister, an Army wife to a prior service Marine, an Air Force daughter-in-law, and a Patriot Guard Rider.

photo air force training

Aim High Erin – Air Force female blog

Aim High Erin evolved after I finally began sharing some of my stories from Basic Military Training (BMT).  When I initially returned from BMT and tech school, I plunged back into my civilian job and got caught up with the awkward transition to civilian life, at home and at work.  BMT seemed like a world away, and I didn’t take the time to share my experience.  Perhaps it was because the task was so daunting – BMT can’t be described in a single, solitary blog post.  

When January 2012 hit, I was on the verge of my first anniversary in the Air Force Reserve, and it seemed appropriate to start opening up about what I’d been through.  I started off doing one post a day, leading up to 31 Jan 2012, my first anniversary.  Positive feedback and encouragement from my readers, as well as a renewed passion to educate and help others resulted in me refocusing my blog’s purpose.  The name “Aim High Erin” stems from the Air Force battle cry of “Aim High!  Fly!  Fight!  Win!”  It resonates with my continued pursuit of the Air Force Core Value of Excellence in All We Do and the goals I set for myself.  My hope with this blog is to convey my love of service in the Air Force Reserve and present my experiences in an honest, straightforward manner that informs others considering enlistment.

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