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Organized chaos is a good all-around description of how my life goes.  “Miscellany Mondays” work out great for me, because my thoughts tend to be so scattered, but alas, I missed yesterday.  You get the Tuesday catch-up!

I recently won some Shutterfly holiday cards, courtesy of Meg @ Adapting to Change!  Meg is a fellow teacher and an AF wife.  I participated in Shutterfly’s blogger promo last year, but hadn’t heard anything this year and got on board that train late.  Surprisingly, when I mentioned the win to DH, he actually suggested taking a picture of the two of us in uniform, which I’m always game for.  I’m trying to think of who would actually take our picture (we don’t have the money to throw down for a “shoot” of any variety), and where we’d do it.  I almost wish it was snowing, since the sage and foliage green [yes, those are technical colors] of our uniforms would look great against the snow.  We’ll see what happens!  Maybe New Year’s cards they shall be!

I’ve been putting in a lot of hours at work, tutoring before and after school, and supervising detention.  The extra cash will be nice, but the hours are long – I don’t get out of here until 5ish.  With the time change, it means I’m leaving in the dark.  My poor running schedule is out of whack, but I was able to get in three good days of physical fitness over Veteran’s Day weekend.  I did the Incline again, ran an informal 5k in the wind, and hit the gym on Sunday.  I’m still feeling all of that, needless to say.  I’m hoping to run more regularly next week when I’m on Thanksgiving break, since I’ll have a lot more free time during the day when it’s light and warm(er) outside.  My next PT test is in February, and I really need to start working on my strength training at home, lest I want to fail the pushups portion.  Remember when I said I have the body of a T-Rex?  I wasn’t lying.

Thanksgiving break is a sweet, sweet carrot dangling in front of me.  It’s a relatively new concept for me.  We didn’t have it in California, nor in North Carolina at the schools I attended/worked at.  Last year FIL and I spent the entire time down in Phoenix with family, which was an awesome trip, albeit pricey (we did a lot of shopping).  This year it’s just DH, DD, and I at home.  DH wants to start creating our own holiday traditions and celebrations, so he requested a small Thanksgiving dinner at home.  It’s actually going to be the first time I’ve made an entire Thanksgiving spread myself, including using my fancy All-Clad roasting pan that I’ve had now for, oh, eight years and never used!  We’re not doing a whole turkey, but just a large breast.  We’re keeping it simple – turkey, cranberries (canned), crescent rolls, corn, riced (way better than mashed!) potatoes, stuffing (Stovetop at DH’s request), gravy, and a couple pies.  Nothing from scratch, aside from my brining solution.  We’re trying to keep it simple/cheap.

I have a 10k coming up this weekend!  I hope I do well, especially considering the fact that I haven’t been faithful to my “every other day” running schedule.  DH has drill this weekend, complete with family day on Sunday.  That should be interesting.  He was actually hoping to be free and done with this company by now, but getting out of the Reserves (to transfer into the AF Reserves) has proved to be slower than expected, at no fault of our own.  You all know how the military bureaucracy works.

Speaking of DH, this is where we run into our predicament.  He needs to go back active.  We’ve hit that point.  Even he’s able to verbalize what I’ve known for a while – he never should’ve left active duty.  Whenever I read about other bloggers getting excited about getting out of AD, I cringe, because I’ve been living the other life for over a year now and it sucks.  Point blank, it sucks.  “Don’t do it!” is always going to be my recommendation.  Our quality of life was better on active duty.  Maybe your situation isn’t the same, but I would strongly caution you before thinking life is going to be so skippy dippy easy after the military.  Now that he’s been out, they make you bend over backward trying to get back in.  He went to the recruiter today and was told he could only pick from a short list of MOS possibilities, none of which were at the top of his list.  It was discouraging to say the least, and now we’re having to think creatively about how we can accomplish our goals.

“But wait, Erin, what about Colorado?  Wouldn’t you have to move?”  Yes, and I’ve already made peace with that, if it means my husband is doing something he wants to do and bringing in a second income.  I love my job here, I’d like to continue on with this unit, but we need to think about our overall quality of life and financial stability.  The military is what he does – he’s good at it.  He needs to get back to doing it.  Ideally, we were hoping he’d be reclassing to 15T (crew chief on a UH-60) and back at Bragg, where I could switch to a reserve unit at Pope or Seymour Johnson, and where I still have a valid teaching license.  I had it all worked out in my head.  Too bad it’s not working out that way.  Trinnie wouldn’t be overjoyed to see me go, but she understands.  A second income would give us the opportunity to take those girls’ trips we’ve always talked about.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we try to accomplish this difficult, trying task.  We’re having to get all sorts of creative in terms of how we can get him active again.  We need this to happen, and as soon as humanly possible.  I know I’m asking a lot, but we’ve been going for too long on too little.

That’s all I’ve got right now.  My mind is fried from CDCs, which is what I’ve been focusing on at home.  It’s been a lot of technical reading that gets old really quickly, but I’m almost done with the second volume (out of three)!  I want to have volume three done early into my Thanksgiving break so I can make notecards and look ready to go come December UTA, so there’s no doubt in my supervisor’s mind that I’m ready to test during January UTA.  Go me! 

Seriously, is it Friday yet?

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  • Michelle Aetonusaid

    wow! you have tons of runs coming up. good luck! i have to second the getting off active duty sentiment. when i met my husband he was on active duty and then got out and went into the reserves only two months later when he realized he missed it too much, but still wanted to do some school. Well, after three years, he desperately wants to go back on active duty so that he can go SF, but the Army is so overstrength now, they're not taking anyone back (at least in his MOS). He regrets getting off AD every stinkin' day.