Oh, the weather outside is frightful!

Yes, it’s the first snow day in Colorado!  Granted, we didn’t get any here at my house, but it’s been spotted all over the Springs and DH got some up at trucking school.  When I left school, it was raining and there was slush in the grass.  We’re supposed to get snow after midnight on these first couple of days and snow on Thursday for sure.

I remember my first snow day in North Carolina.  When it was predicted, I kept looking outside, waiting for it to happen.  I’m from California and I’m not used to “living” with snow.  Visiting, yes, living, no.  I don’t know if I’m prepared for this.  It really didn’t snow all that much out in North Carolina.  I know I’m in for a big change out here in Colorado.  I really don’t feel all that prepared.  Mittens, gloves, scarves, and hats are definitely on my Christmas list!

1/30/10 – Snowy home in NC!
2/13/10 – Snow on Myrtle Beach!


  • wifeofasailorcomsaid

    Uh… as a native Michigander… mittens, hats and scarves should be on your list BEFORE Christmas. 😉

  • Erinsaid

    True that! I need to scrape together some pennies and go buy some supplies! My fleece gloves with the hole in one finger just isn't going to cut it! [BTW, I learned the term "Michigander" from another milspouse when I was at Bragg. 🙂 ]

  • Erinsaid

    If I get enough snow, I'll do my best, Sespi! I haven't seen any on the ground yet around my house. We'll see what Thursday brings.

  • Laceysaid

    omg i was gonna say..really you guys got that much snow im a little south right now it snowed but not bad..im driving up this weekend!