Oh USO, how I love thee!

The USO is the only way to go for a military member traveling via air.  Ebony and I arrived here in Dallas earlier than expected, which worked out well, since we took the tram to damn near every terminal in the airport, thanks to misinformation.  Luckily, we finally arrived at the USO.  It’s about the same size as Charlotte – smaller, but accommodating, and two floors!  We enjoyed a nice piece of pizza, Fritos, water, and a box of Samoas!  I forgot that they gave you a whole box, so I passed on the Thin Mints and Tagalongs that I also wanted. 

I read magazines all the way here, even though I’m sure I should’ve been sleeping.  We have a short flight to San Antonio, where the TIs meet us and pretend to be nice while we’re in the airport.  Once we’re on the hour-long bus ride, the politeness stops.

Ok, gotta run!  Not sure when I’ll be able to update again!