Off to a good start!

If you’ve been able to keep up with my rambling, you know that I have my “While He’s Gone” Goals to accomplish while DH is at trucking school.  I crossed three things off that list today and did a bunch more!  🙂

  • Found a new home for the backpacks, a soft-sided cooler, and a box fan.  Yes, this stuff is all laying around my house. 
  • Unpacked two boxes.  Completely put away the contents of one (and found my lost Trader Joe’s Spanish Olive Oil – score!) and laid out the contents of the other.  The second box contained my “Mommy Shrine” and I need to find the drywall screws so I can hang it.  Called DH to ensure that he’s ok with its intended location.
  • Took random, ill-placed items out of the coat closet.  Rearranged coats in color order, his on left, mine on right, and buttoned/zipped them.  Yes, I’m that anal.  Put backpacks, box fan in coat closet.  Removed DVD rack from coat closet and put in office.  Repurposed DVD rack as a bookshelf for the books that were still laying in the hallway and dining room.  It’s not the sturdiest, but it’ll do for now.
  • Moved DH’s computer tower into the desk, rewiring everything.  Brought up stuff that was laying around the rest of the house, yet should go in the office.  Moved shoeboxes into guest bedroom closet.
  • Repositioned piles on kitchen countertop to the kitchen bar area, and sprayed down kitchen countertop with some yummy Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender Countertop Spray.  One day, when I have money and a need for more cleaning supplies (most likely in 10+ years), I’ll order more of their stuff.  The Geranium is heavenly!  They did a limited edition Rhubarb scent at one point that I snatched up in a hurry.
  • Stripped dining room table of tablecloth – did the same with buffet and runner.  Replaced these with my Thanksgiving turkey handprint runners.  🙂

Not too bad for a Monday night!  I even watched 90210, which is a guilty pleasure that dates back to when I first met Taryn.  Blame it on her.  Ok, time for bed.  I slept fantastic last night and I’m hoping for a repeat.  I woke up this morning with so much energy, which is rare for a Monday.


  • Laceysaid

    hey i live off post about hours away at the current moment but thats were we are stationed im up there maybe once a month!! we should meet up sometime!

  • Tarynsaid

    Hey, I won't lie … I even busted out the soft serve ice cream for 90210 last week; it's about as close to fro-yo as I'm gonna get.

  • Megan Dub-Yuhsaid

    LOVE 90210! This season is probably the best one yet (for this time around)… it will never compare to Beverly Hills, 90210.

  • Erinsaid

    @Lacey – You living with family during the deployment? Let me know when you're in town!@Taryn and @Megan – I didn't even realize when this season started! LOL I've been watching it here and there.