New Beginnings

This past week was graduation week at the

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[Credit: J. Boone Pooler Photography]

On another personal note, three years ago today I left for BMT.  It does and doesn’t seem like it’s been all that long.  When I think about the changes that have occurred at BMT in these three years, it feels like it’s been forever.  I’ve discussed with friends before that I know my blog has a finite nature due to the constantly evolving beast that is BMT, but my hope is that it continues to motivate and inspire, even in my absences.  I promise, I’m not holding out on you – just enjoying my summer days with my young family, soaking up all the time that I can!

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  • Auniesaid

    Enjoy each day. We'll be here no matter how much time comes in between blog posts!! Hoping all is well 🙂