My Own Force Management


Oh, hello blog reading friends!  😉  I’ve been telling you half-truths for a while now, and it’s finally time to come clean!

If you follow along on the AHE Facebook page, you saw my big announcement this last Friday.  This wasn’t a recent discovery, but something that’s been kept under wraps for a while now.  Remember that trip to Sheppard AFB to visit DH for our 5th anniversary?  Um, yeah…

Needless to say, we’ve spawned a Super Air Force Baby!  I joke that when we’re doing that future summer vacation of “The Great Tour of Air Force Bases in America,” we’ll be able to show the little tyke the room in lodging where the magic happened.  Wouldn’t every child appreciate that knowledge?!  😉

The above photo is from our first ultrasound when I was eight weeks along.  I’m currently thirteen weeks and four days, and we’re due April 18th.  I also joke that DH has artfully dodged the entire first trimester since he’s been away at tech school, although I know that he’d much rather be home with me. I should be at about seventeen weeks by the time he’s home.  Fortunately, it’s been a fairly smooth trimester for me, which I’m thankful for since I’ve had to manage a move, renovations, teaching full-time, and putting in extra hours on top of my pregnancy needs.

Lest you fear that this blog will move away from its central focus and suddenly revolve around my future spawn, I bring you “Enlisted and Expecting,” a new series that will highlight aspects of my pregnancy/parenting experience as it relates to my service in the Air Force.  

In the meantime, I’m still trying to get settled in my home life so that I can bring you more content.  That’s always the goal.  I’m currently on orders, with a purpose that will be discussed upon their completion.  I am still pressing forward with my commissioning package, and again, I’ll update you on that as well.

Thank you for your continued patience and support of AHE!