My First [Operational] PT Test


This is it, it’s go time!  Tomorrow morning at 0700 MDT, I’ll be taking my first PT test in the operational Air Force.  Most people in my office take a look at me and tell me I’ll be fine.  I appreciate their vote of confidence, but you know me – I’m not gunning for a passing score, I’m shooting for a 90+.  A 90 or higher on your PT test allows you to test only once a year, versus once every six months.  This was a concern of mine, until finding out recently that as a Reservist, we only test once a year, period.  Color me surprised!  [Misinformation that was recently debunked.]  Regardless, I’d rather be stamped “Excellent” than “Satisfactory” on my records.

Your PT score isn’t just a fleeting moment in your AF career.  When you put in a package for just about anything, a copy of your last PT results will be in there.  When I was up for the Airman of the Quarter board, a copy of my PT scores were in there.  When I recently processed packages of Lieutenant Colonels who were up for the Colonel boards, a copy of their PT scores were in there.  Want to go to a special school?  A current, passing PT score may be required.  DH had to take one as soon as he switched to the Reserves, so he could go to tech school.  Bottom line, that number’s going to get looked at over and over again.  When I go before the commissioning board this fall/winter, I want them to see an Excellent score.  I want them to have faith when they select me to attend OTS.

So, despite the fact that I run approximately every other day and hit the gym every workday, I’m still nervous.  I’m a book smart person.  Give me a standardized test and I flourish.  Give me something else, another high stakes test that I can’t reason my way out of (like my motorcycle licensing test or qualifying on my weapon) and I get anxious.  At this point, I’m really ready to get this test over with.  I’m thankful that, at the age of 31, I fall into the next testing bracket.  All of the time I spend running really pays off, and I’m hoping to make up for my deficiencies in other areas (*cough* pushups *cough*) with my run.  I should be able to max the waist measurement, and I’m hoping I can max the sit-ups.  Not knowing the procedures on testing day also makes me nervous.  I’ve tried to get as much info as I can from others who’ve tested already.  Thank goodness this isn’t like BMT – I hear I’ll get a ten minute break or so in between the pushups/sit-ups and the run.  That’ll be nice to get my heart rate back down where it should be.  I’ve also been running on the track I’ll test on, to help reduce testing anxiety when I hit that track.  My practice runs have been strong, and I’m really hoping to repeat those performances tomorrow.

By 0800 tomorrow, I’ll be done.  It’s going to be a big weight off my shoulders and I look forward to being able to have that bag of M&Ms that’s been sitting in my fridge, as well as enjoying some sweets these last few days of summer.  It’s woosah time, it’s hydrating time, it’s go time!            


  • erinsaid

    I think you are going to surprise yourself tomorrow morning at how awesome you are going to be! And you made my night with the sentence "This was a concern of mine, until finding out recently that as a Reservist, we only test once a year, period" – this makes me happy haha.

  • Erinsaid

    @erin – I'm hoping to pleasantly surprise myself, maybe in the pushup area! I'm hoping that nervous energy pushes me all the way through my minute time-limits. Glad to make you happy!

  • My-cliffnotessaid

    I bet you killed it. I remember my first PT test, such unnecessary stress. I was AD AF for 6 years and now I'm in the guard. Love this blog!