Movin’ on up!

Written into the fine print of my active duty orders was the statement that upon completion of BMT and tech school, and with commander’s approval, I’d be promoted to E-4.  Now, Senior Airman (SrA) is portrayed in tech as being the first rank you really have to wait a while to obtain.  There’s even a special program,


Needless to say, it’s an exciting day for me.  I pick up my uniforms with my newly sewn stripes tomorrow.  I should be an SrA for a while though, since my next jump is into the NCO tier and I need to advance in my skill level and time in service in order to do that.

On a fun side note?  I am now the same pay grade as my husband.  🙂  I give him a hard time about having to work a lot harder than I did to get there, but that’s partially because his unit’s fault.