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7 Things About Me
1.  I hate home sales parties, but I love Scentsy!  Shout out to Sarah for turning me on to it!  This stuff sells itself!  I have one in damn near every room!
2.  I’ve never owned a dog.  Never.  Not even as a child!  I would love to have an English bulldog (“Rufus”), a bloodhound (“Flapjack”), or a Miniature Schnauzer (“Dr. Indigo”).  I would teach the bloodhound to the bay every time DH pulls into the driveway.
3.  I don’t think I could ever go back to a regular cell phone after having a BlackBerry.  I love my BB!
4.  I prefer the mountains to the beach.  I’d rather own a cabin in the woods than a beach house.  I’m sure this sounds contradictory because I spend Christmas in Mexico on the beach.  🙂  I grew up in Huntington Beach (Surf City, USA) but I don’t identify with the beach lifestyle.
5.  I didn’t have a big wedding with DH and I don’t have a big ring with DH and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I had all of those with my DH and I’m just not in that place anymore.  I would much rather take all of that money and pay off debts, buy a house, etc.  I get more compliments on my simple, Art Deco-style band (with small sapphires as the center stones) than I ever did on my big 1+ carats.
6.  I have no motivation (or money) to work out these days.  I started doing Zumba through the district, but the program is being taken away.  I could work out on a post, but then I’m having to drive a good distance to get there.  All of this aside, I have little to no time anymore.  I really want to get in better shape, but I haven’t made it a priority yet.
7.  I’m really happy that my FIL has moved in with us!  Walking into our basement is like going into his home, and it is his home.  He has great style (he used to own antique malls and do estate sales), so he has a ton of interesting items in his collection.  He and I get along really well.  We think alike and I can always come to talk to him when I don’t understand DH and his moods.  He’s my travel buddy and he’s always up for anything.  He can’t wait for us to have children and is looking forward to taking care of them while we work.  It just doesn’t get any better!

Newest Blog I Love!
Brittany @ The Life of the All American Army Wife – This lovely lady is a recent follower of mine and as it turns out, our DHs were in the same battalion back at Bragg!  Remember that milspouse friend I mentioned in my last MFF (the one that invited me to tons of dinners)?  That friend was Brittany’s old FRG leader!  Such a small world in the milspouse blogiverse!