MilSpouse Weekly Roundup #23

No MilSpouse Fill-In Friday today, sadly, but Wifey’s a busy lady with her duties in the Navy.  I’ve been blessed to find a number of female service members in my blogosphere, many of whom are also milspouses themselves.

Jump on in and join the MilSpouse Weekly Roundup today!  It must be our new hostess, Jessica, but there are a ton of people linked this week!  She seems to have a very popular blog, and a rad family picture to go with it.

I haven’t done a summary of my week in a while, but here I go!

1.  Ran around like a crazy person at work.  Multiple IEPs, parent teacher conferences, tons of HFM situations [look it up on Urban Dictionary].  Now that the week is over, it doesn’t even feel like a Friday, since we had a half day with no kids today.

2.  Finished our taxes and got excited about big bucks!  It’ll be nice to check a few things off the list when the cash comes in.  I’m hoping DH and I can do a little local getaway and take some time to ourselves before I leave for BMT.

3.  Making plans to get a new Tungsten wedding band for BMT, so I don’t lose or ruin my wedding band.  I’m not a super big jewelry person and I absolutely love my wedding ring, but I’m excited about the thought of a new (cheap) band.  I’m also a little sentimental about it, since we got our wedding rings before DH left for BCT and then got married at the conclusion of his BCT.  It’s as though everything is coming full circle again.  If it were a monumental anniversary (and not the 4th), I’d consider renewing our vows when we are down there.

4.  DH has drill this weekend, so I’m going to kick it into high gear with the cleaning and the organization.  Noelle will be here in less than a week and this place needs to look a lot better than how it does in its current state!  Project time!  I really want to get the office straightened up, since it’s the first room you see when you’re walking up the stairs.  

5.  I’ve been making plans with a co-worker to start going to one of the gyms on post.  I’m hoping to get my morning run in tomorrow, then hit the gym around mid-day.  I should be nice and sore for the Valentine’s Day semi-formal dance that I’m chaperoning with Haywee.  Picked up some tights for my dress, since I’m not prepared for winter dress-wearing here in Colorado.  Sure hope my dress still fits, I better try it on tonight.

6.  I don’t want to say anything too soon, but we seem to have found ourselves in the realm of home buying again, with a serious prospect that has stumbled into our path!  DH has already been talking to the loan advisors through the VA and our account is being sent to the Colorado folks.  Did I mention it’s a 1915 farmhouse on 5 acres?  Guess we’ll finally get a flock of mutton for Trinnie’s little boy to bust!  🙂 I’ll keep you all posted, depending how serious this gets.  I’ve been teased before with an old home when I was with xDH, and it fell through in the long run.  If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen.  DH is already shopping for supplies for our fixer projects on Craigslist, but I try to stay a bit more grounded.

7.  Almost forgot!  I should be getting my new military ID this week, since it’s been two weeks since I enlisted and I should be in DEERS already.  Woot!

Everyone have a great weekend! I’m off to paint my nails for this shin-dig tomorrow!