MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #66

milspouse friday fill in

Last MFF for the year!  I think I remember last year’s MFF skipping over my birthday, so I’m happy that this one has a New Year’s/NYE theme!  Head over to Wifey’s to go through the blog roll or to join in!

1.  One of my New Year’s resolutions is to continue training for my next running goal, a half marathon.  The winter is kicking my you-know-what right now, and throwing off my training schedule.  This is the first full winter I’ve been through while trying to keep up with my running.  If the gym was closed, I’d go more often.  I need to start jump roping more, and I’m definitely planning to get out more during winter break.  I’ll go ahead and throw another goal in there – to finish my 5-level in a timely fashion and to start ALS [Airman Leader School, a requirement for my next promotion].

2.  One thing I’d like to happen next year is to pay off more debt and feel more stable financially.  I’m not asking for miracles, I’d just like to not freak out every time I pay bills.  Heck, I’d really like to take a vacation too.  I’m not asking for anything ridiculously exotic, just a nice weekend away.

3.  One thing I’m looking forward to next year is my husband having a steady job.  The company he’s working for is really loving him and his work ethic.  I’m so thankful that he’s finally found a place that he enjoys working for and that appreciates him in return.  He has a normal, 9-5 type schedule, and he doesn’t have to work weekends.  I’m looking forward to our lives “normalizing,” whatever that entails.  😉

4.  One change I’d like to see next year is our finances.  You’ve heard that enough, but it’s true.  I’d like to be more comfortable.  I’d like to dine out with DH more often.  I’d like to get away for a weekend.  I’d like to reduce our expenses.  I’d like to have less debt.  I’d like to make smarter choices.

5.  My plans for NYE include not much!  Sure, it’s my birthday, but I don’t tend to do much in my “old age.”  When I was younger, I used to cough up the cash to go out drinking, dancing, to a show, etc, but paying extra because of the calendar date doesn’t jive with me anymore.  I shouldn’t have to pay out the nose to have a nice birthday dinner simply because it falls on NYE.  If I feel like eating out on my birthday, I typically go out for lunch and not dinner.  Last year we wanted to go to Rudy’s for BBQ but their water pipes broke and they were closed!  Couple that with a good-sized snowstorm and we ended up at Trinnie’s.  I think we may have gorged ourselves on appetizers and desserts, and played the Wii.


  • Mrs Monkeysaid

    If you haven't already heard of him, I really really recommend picking up a Dave Ramsey book. We were gifted a couple of them and they've been life changing. Totally whipped our finances into shape! We have now paid of both our cars and all the credit cards and are down to only student loans to pay. Good luck with your finances and other new year endeavors!

  • Nataliasaid

    I hear you about finances. I'm hoping to pay off our debt during this deployment. My student loans on the other hand, are an entirely different matter…Ugh.

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