MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #64

milspouse friday fill in

Wifey’s created a special Friday Fill-In for Veteran’s Day.  Here goes nothing!

1.  Freedom is something many take for granted.  It must be fought for, it must be defended, and it’s all of our responsibility.

2.  Veterans are, by strict definition, experienced in combat.  At least, that was always my understanding.  I know that’s how the VFW operates at least.  That being said, I hesitate to call myself a “veteran” at this point, although I’ve had many friends recognize me today and I appreciate it.  I hope to one day earn the title of veteran, and I will wear it proudly.

3.  This country is one worth defending.  Like Wifey said, our nation is not perfect, our policies and practices aren’t perfect, but I wouldn’t call anywhere else my home country.

4.  Veteran’s Day means a day to publicly recognize those who have served and defended our country in battle.  It’s more than a three day weekend, as we all know.

5.  A hero is someone who puts the needs of others before themselves, regardless of the risks associated with doing so.