MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #28

milspouse friday fill in

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1.  If you were a famous movie star, what types of movies would you star in?  Period flicks, for sure!  Put me in extravagant, crazy costumes!  I would be up for westerns, comedies, and romantic comedies as well.

2.  What is a vacation you would like to take if money were no object?  A world cruise on the Queen Mary 2!  DH is in the background saying, “No, you would be on your own!”  Let’s go ahead and spring for the small suite, at the cost of $55k per person.  DH says if he wanted to be on the sea for that long, he would’ve joined the Navy.  Personally, I’ve always envied my brother’s travels, so game on for me!

3.  Did you have pets growing up?  Let’s get the weird fact out of the way – I’ve never owned a dog in my life.  My dad was right, we were never home to attend to the needs of a dog.  I had a black long-haired cat named Licorice (“Licky” for short), my first pet, and then an orange tabby named Buddy Holly.  My mother had a friend with a cat named James Brown, and she loved the idea of naming your cat after a favorite singer.  Buddy Holly is still alive and kicking, despite some health issues, at my dad’s house.  We also had a series of hamsters and guinea pigs.  My mom was a science teacher, so the guinea pigs always had scientific names since they went with her to school.  There were Fahrenheit and Celsius (white with red eyes) and Copper and Lead (rust and brown colored).  The guinea pigs used to run around in our backyard and eat the grass.

4.  What do you do for exercise?  Not enough, let me tell you, which is an issue when you’re shipping out for BMT in a matter of months.  I’ve been running, walking, and doing some strength training at home.  I was doing Zumba for a little while, but my employer discontinued that wellness program.  I love dancing and try to do that whenever I can.

5.  What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received as a MilSpouse?  I don’t think this advice was given to me directly, but my favorite milspouse book is all about “blooming where you’re planted.”  We’re all going to whine and moan from time to time, but you need to cowgirl up and make the most out of whatever this life throws at you.  Choose to thrive, not merely survive.  Like I told Taryn (and I can’t take credit for the quote), either you own the military or the military owns you.


  • Erinsaid

    @Natalia – Thanks! I loved having pets as a kid!@Shelly – It's very good advice. I see so many people complain about their duty station, their FRG group, their job situation. You really have to view every circumstance as a hidden opportunity – you just have to find it!

  • said

    ERIN!!!! I didn't know you had a blog. I guess, better late than never 🙂 I know I already told ya, but I'm totally proud and honored to know you, going into the Air Force Reserves and stuff! Cross into the blue my friend and welcome to the family 😉 LOL!!!I love the advice and the quote in particular, "Either the Military Owns you or You Own the Military." Its so true. I love it.Rheanna @ Cammo Style Love