Milbloggie Announcement and Introduction

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March 2012
My name is Erin and I’m a proud Air Force Reservist.  My journey to military service came later in life, the realization of a dream and a goal for myself.  I’ve made it, I’ve achieved, and I’m thriving!  
In my civilian life, I’m a special education math teacher at the high school level.  I’ve been in the field of special education for eight years now, and I love what I do.  I often hear from others, “Oh, I could never teach high school!”  I love my students, they make the job, which is 100% about relationship building, especially in special education.  My long-term goal is to get my Ph.D. and teach either at the collegiate level or be a director of special education for a school district.
I am half of a dual military couple.  My husband (referred to as DH on the blog) is a prior service Marine, Soldier, and now an Airman himself.  I couldn’t be prouder of his service and the fact that we are each other’s support systems.  He joined the Army a year and a half after we first got together, so I’ve been with him through numerous separations (training, overseas tours, a deployment, etc).  This blog initially started as a mil spouse blog but evolved as I took on my own military career.  
I spent my summer vacation completing Basic Military Training (BMT) and the Personnel Apprentice Course for the Air Force, making the transformation from civilian to military service member at the age of 30.  I’ve had more than my fair share of successes and moments of glory, and I look forward to a distinguished career because that’s what I intend to make of it.  I believe wholeheartedly in the mission and what I’m doing, even as a junior enlisted member.  I know that my efforts pay off and that my sacrifices are worth it.  I am always striving for excellence in both my military and civilian careers.
Aim High Erin evolved as I started sharing my stories from BMT and tech school.  As a teacher, sharing my insights came naturally to me.  I want to see others succeed.  That’s what I do.  The blog became less about my personal life, although I will do a post of that nature once a week or so, and more about educating those who are considering enlistment in the Air Force or those who already know they’re heading off to BMT and want to prepare accordingly.  I understand that your experience and the experiences of others may differ, but I firmly believe that knowledge is power.  I don’t claim to know everything, and I will never give you deliberately incorrect information.  I have no problems admitting when I’m stumped – I’m still learning too!  I invite you to read about what I’ve been through and encourage you to seek out the stories of others.
Thank you for stopping by my area of the blogiverse, I’m happy to have you here!  Don’t hesitate to reach out, as that’s what the Wingman Concept is all about!


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