Michelle Loves Me!

Thanks go out to Michelle @ 7 facts
As a recipient, I need to saddle you up with seven random facts about me, which sounds a lot more doable than the 100 that’s going around right now, and a lot more interesting for you.  It’s still difficult to find stuff that I haven’t already told you at this point.

1.  The Annoyed Army Wife did a “homesick” post the other day that really resonated with me.  Like her, I don’t have a “home” that a I feel homesick for.  After I moved out of the house I grew up in, my dad moved away to be closer to his work.  If I were to go back to California to visit, I wouldn’t be returning to the town where I grew up, or even the same county.  I didn’t go to school in the city and county where I lived, since we attended school in my mom’s school district, so I don’t have that connection.  As sad as this may seem to some, I think it helps as a military spouse, since I’m never really longing to go back to “where I came from.”  Sure, I wouldn’t mind visiting (and shopping and eating), but it isn’t home anymore.  I think that makes my transitions a bit easier, as I jaunt about the country.

2.  My quest for personal coupon best comes from my mom.  She used to take the Sunday coupon flyers, put stars on the ones she wanted with a red pen, and have her teacher’s aides cut them out at school.  My mom used to get away with all kinds of stuff!  Ingenious, really!  As long as I have access to a Sunday paper, I’m cutting out coupons.  It does slow me down a bit at the store, but I save a boatload of coin.  Today I saved 17% of my total bill and my biggest success today was getting a bottle of Gain fabric softener for 20 cents!  If you’re hitting the commi, you need to be clipping coupons for those sorts of steals!  Heck, if you’re at any store, save yourself some cash!

3.  I think we’re slowly settling in, at least, I’m getting that impression from DH lately.  He’s been pushing me to hang out with friends, and he went to visit a friend from WLC today.  Either we’re settling down, or he’s getting tired of having me around all week and therefore nagging him to do something productive.  🙂

4.  We’re going on our 4th anniversary this summer, our 6th year as a couple, and we’ve yet to take a honeymoon.  I can’t tell you how envious I am of people who can manage to squeeze a honeymoon into their military lifestyles (and paychecks).  All of our efforts to have a proper vacation have been thwarted, either by finances or circumstances.  Even if I look to December, when we may be able to scrounge enough money to go to Mexico for my family’s annual trip, he’s probably going to be at AIT again for his re-class.  *sigh*  I’m destined to vacation sans-husband forever.  At least I’m fine doing things on my own!

5.  I love being involved with the Patriot Guard, yet I feel like the worst PGR member ever lately.  Life has gotten in the way of my involvement, and my poor bike sits in the garage.  I haven’t ridden it in a while, and I need to prioritize that again.  Part of me misses North Carolina for this reason.  I had such a great HOG group out there, and a very close circle of PGR members.  I haven’t even been able to renew our HOG memberships this year, because of finances.  I think things were different when DH was gone – I had to get out there and make friends and get involved.  Now that he’s here, I haven’t been pushing myself to do that as much (not to mention finances hold us back).

6.  Speaking of re-classing, if DH ends up doing Civil Affairs like he’s hoping, I’m totally flying out there for a visit!  [Noelle, are you game?!?]  The south really seeps into your bones!  I could stand to hit up Cook Out, hit the Cadillac Ranch for some dancing, and see good friends!

7.  As much cooking as I do around here, I forget how much I love to bake.  I have a huge stash of cookbooks, specialty baking pans, and other gadgets from my days at Williams-Sonoma.  Of course, I really don’t need to be eating any yummies right now, but the thought of breaking out the double boiler and melting some rich, expensive chocolate sounds amazing.  Spring was always one of my favorite seasons at W-S because all of the colors that came out matched my kitchen (pink, buttercream yellow).  We always had samples of the Easter candy too, which didn’t hurt.  I miss those days.  If I lived closer to the W-S uptown, I’d apply for a part-time job.

I hope that wasn’t too boring for you all!  It seems like another “Miscellany” post for me!  🙂


  • Michellesaid

    Aww!!!! I just love reading your blog! You are so sweet!!! And I do love you!!! Have a good Monday, love!

  • Erinsaid

    Thanks hon, I enjoy writing it! I'm hoping to have a good Monday, but you know how the first day after vacation goes, not to mention state testing starting Tuesday! Ugh!