Making the Scene…Maternity Style!

Being pregnant wasn’t going to stop me from attending the Wing’s Annual Awards Banquet.  I guess it helps when you get your maternity uniforms issued to you and you have a sense of obligation due to having won a quarterly award.  If you’re a new Airman, you should definitely try to attend any sort of special event your Wing offers, as it’s a great way to network as well as get dressed up.  The Air Force, like any other service, loves a great party!
DH and I, taking our official photo!  I’m 32w6d here.
Pet peeve of mine – please take the time to review
The camaraderie amongst the squadrons lends itself to all sorts of high jinks during the honoring of award recipients.  The maintenance squadron came equipped with a real drum, a couple of plastic horns, and an air raid siren that they let loose every time one of their members was called.  Cowbells and other various noisemakers are the norms at these things.  Last year it was Security Forces, this year the rowdy group was definitely Maintenance!  My future squadron is equally as fun-loving, so who knows what’s in store for me!
Hope everyone else had a good weekend.  I’m wiped out from being the acting supervisor all weekend and trying to accomplish all of our tasks in a limited amount of time.  Off to bed, school comes early!