Liebster Award

I love meeting new people, and recently I was contacted by Brittany over at His Mrs. Hooah, who had selected me for the Liebster Award!  Just reading her “About Me” page, I can tell she and I are on the same wavelength, and she’s expecting another baby in April as well!  I’ve had the pleasure of being nominated a few times already, so I’m going to cheat and answer her questions and not completely play along with the re-nomination process.  You’ll forgive me, right?  Can I pull the pregnant card?  😉  Thanks, Brittany!

1.  Do you consider yourself a positive person or a negative person?  No question, positive all the way!
2.  What is your favorite food dish?  Can I choose fondue in general?  I really love fondue.  Someone, please take me to fondue!
3.  Do you enjoy spending time outdoors?  Yes, especially when the sun is shining and the weather is beautiful!  I’m eagerly looking forward to those days here in Colorado.
4.  Do you have anything you “geek out” over?  Hmm…good question.  I really don’t think I have anything like that unless you count cloth diapers these days.  Is that “geek out” worthy?  Or should I be looking at more traditionally geeky pastimes?
5.  Do you collect anything?  Yes, indeed, although I’ve tapered off quite a bit.  From my rockabilly days, I have a lot of vintage 50’s housewares, especially kitchenware.  Our living room is decorated in vintage Asian kitsch.  I have a huge makeup stash, but I don’t consider it a “collection” since I use those items.  Priorities change though, so the only thing I’ve been collecting these days are cloth diapers to prepare for baby!
6.  If you could drop everything right now and go on vacation, where would you go?  It’s not very sunny there either, but I think I’d take DH up on his desire to go to Ireland.  I saw an awesome Groupon/Living Social the other day for a trip there that included stays at B&Bs and a rental car.  I’ve been there before, but it was when I was in the 9th grade.  We could stand to do more international travel – if only it was in the cards and the finances.
7.  Do you prefer warm weather or cold weather?  Warm, please.  Please, bring the warm!
8.  What is your favorite outfit and why?  These days, anything comfortable!  I enjoy the weekends when I can wear a big t-shirt and my “squishy pants.”
9.  What is your earliest memory?  I don’t even have a clue.  I can remember bits of preschool on the playground, but that’s about it. 
10.  Who is your favorite person?  Probably DH for another four weeks, then he’s going to have some serious competition.  😉
11.  What is your favorite trait about your spouse or SO?  The fact that under the façade, he has a huge, huge heart.  He’s a softie, he’s a lover, and he’ll never admit it and rarely show it to others, with the exception of children and myself.



  • A God-blessed Womansaid

    I noticed that you are in Colorado… We are heading that direction this summer (Buckley.) I am a AF Vet, and my Hubby is ADAF. We have an 8 year old son, but he was the reason I separated. I can completely relate to your fascination with cloth diapers, not because I used them, but because I understand how pregnancy just changes a woman's interests and priorities. 🙂 Congratulations to you! I look forward to reading more.

  • Erinsaid

    @A God-blessed Woman – Thank you! Hope you're looking forward to Buckley. It's a small base, but you're within easy driving distance to a host of other military installations in the area. At least it won't/shouldn't be snowing in the summer! 😉