Let’s take a trip…

…back about five to eight years ago.  I was in the height of my lock-a-beery [read: rockabilly] vintage days.  You know the drill – car shows, antique malls, eBay, weekenders, etc.  Although I’m not nearly as cool as I used to be, I have some first loves that’ll never die.  Luckily, FIL is a big antiquer and used to own an antique mall.  He’s always game for antiquing and usually it’s his idea in the first place.

We set out today to visit the 
Linens are another weakness of mine, particularly printed tablecloths.  I actually own this Christmas tablecloth already – it’s one of my favorites – but this one is in better shape and was only $16!  I bought it just to have it around in case my other one takes a crap.  Plus, the gold metallic paint is always the first thing to go on vintage tablecloths and this one is still sparkly.  The second tablecloth isn’t one I’d necessarily snatch up, but it pink and turquoise are my kitchen colors and pansies were my mom’s flower.  We really couldn’t be the price and it’ll fit my longer table, which has been increasingly difficult to do.

Oh yeah, the cool pink and gold swirled vanity jar is courtesy of FIL, who picked it up after I admired it.  I joked about having to wrestle it from him.  Not sure what I’ll put in it, but it’s a great piece.

BTW, if you ever want to get lost in another blog that chronicles a girl with an amazing collection of mid-century vintage, check out Mary Deluxe!


  • Tarynsaid

    I miss your Asian and pink/turquoise kitchen that lacks a microwave. I miss froyo and Tuesday "Erin & Taryn Date Night".ROCK ON for some awesome finds! Hey, if you find any nifty Americana pieces in your hunt … keep me in mind, eh? 😛

  • Erinsaid

    Hey, we have a microwave now! =P I miss froyo and our date nights! Girl, you know if I found cool Americana/military pieces I'd be all over them! I found a little blue star banner today, but it wasn't "stop my heart" kinda cool. I did see an old female Marine cover and a super cute photo of a guy (40's) from basic.