Less than a week until MEPS!

In a mere five days, I’ll be up at MEPS for my physical.  After reading this post and this post, I was a little concerned (well, I had questions) about what I might encounter there, since my recruiter hadn’t mentioned some of the stuff that this blogger described.  It’s going to be a really busy week, so I gave her a call today to set the record straight.

A lot of the things that I’ve read about (and that DH has done), I won’t be doing up at MEPS.  I’m strictly going up there for a physical this weekend, nothing else.  My career counseling, swearing in, etc, is all down back with my recruiter on base.  Now that I think about, this may mean I can get someone to snap a picture of me swearing in, which would be awesome!

I’m looking forward to MEPS, I really am.  Staying in a nice hotel room, courtesy of the military?  Sign me up!  Too bad about that 0300 wake-up call though!  I’d like to go out that evening, if I’m allowed to leave after checking in, but I think some quiet time for reading will be very much appreciated as well.  We thought DH might be able to go, but that got ix-nayed.  I wonder if I’ll be able to get my own room, and not have to deal with a roomie.  We’ll see!

My glasses arrived, just in time!  I can’t wear contacts when I’m up there, as I’m assuming they’ll do a vision test with me.  I’m thankful to have them back, as it’s been a pain in the butt when I want to read or play on my laptop in bed at night.

I have to give a urine sample, naturally, and it’s actually the first time I’ve ever had to do one for job/work-related drug testing.  I’ve never had to do one for any of the jobs I’ve ever had, and I’ve been employed since the age of 17.  That should be interesting, having someone other than my husband see me pee.  The duck walk in my underwear should be a scream as well.  I should be thankful that there’s no cameras present for that.

We talked job opportunities again.  Public Affairs is out now – the school is overloaded and they don’t want to entertain the idea of split training, which I need.  She did talk to the Intelligence folks, and reported back to me that it’d be a deployable unit.  That doesn’t turn me off.  I think it’s naive to think that you’re going to enlist in the military in this day and age and not deploy.  I also want to serve my country.  That’s why I’m enlisting, right?  DH asked me if I thought I could handle a deployment.  I didn’t even respond to that question, since he’s so consumed with stress and frustration right now from WLC [It’s seriously worthy of another post], I didn’t know what sort of reaction I’d get.  

I’m trying not to let everything happening at home right now get me down, but it’s tough.  This is supposed to be a fun, enjoyable week.  I’ve been looking forward to this.  I cannot wait for WLC to be done, although I have no promise that the next schools are going to be any better.


  • Nataliasaid

    Oh the duck walk, strangest thing I've ever done. Make sure you wear a regular bra NOT a sports bra like half of us did and got yelled at for wearing it!

  • Tarynsaid

    Good luck at MEPS, girly. And good for you for not shying away from a deployment, although I have to ask … any idea how that would work out with your current career??

  • angelica thompsonsaid

    Hi!! Im in the process of trying to start my processing (recruiter is stubborn and hard to track down) I was curious as to what you do exactly at MEPS??

  • Erinsaid

    Hey Angelica! How did it go? Sorry I didn't get on here quick enough, but I did a post about my MEPS trip a while back if you search for it. It's lots of physical examination, a duck walk in underwear, and a verbal recitation to gauge your speaking. Fun, right?! 😉

  • angelica thompsonsaid

    After months of going back and forth i finally got a date to go to MEPS! How crazy is that? I'm super excited and keep rereading your blog haha